The main motto of SSVAD is to create space for multi-disciplinary art activities, which has
been happening from the inception of the art centre and continuing. 
Recent &
Upcoming Events

Workshop by Sanchit Art- a
workshop was organized by Sri
Sunil Joshan and Anu Joshan of
Sanchit Art by the ex- students of
Kala Bhavana. Total of 14 Artists
participated. It was held from,
16th - 19th January, 2014.

Workshop by State Bank of India
and SSVAD for young upcoming
artists of Kala Bhavana. They
were shortlisted for their talent
and the largest Nationalised
Bank, State Bank of India, along
with SSVAD provided a platform
to showcase their works, which
are now displayed in Kolkata.
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