The Art Centre

The Art Centre of SSVAD is a beautifully designed architecture with studios, galleries, cafeteria, library, an open air stage for performances and a guest house. 

Rabindra Kaksha

The Exhibition Hall

An exhibition cum multipurpose hall on the first floor. This hall has proper lighting system for holding contemporary exhibition displays.

Binodebehari Kaksha

A permanent display Gallery

A collection of works from the archive of SSVAD is displayed in this gallery, which is adjacent to the exhibition hall. This gallery can also be used as an extension of the exhibition hall if needed. 22×28 sq ft.

Nandalal Studio

The Painting Studio

1000.sq. ft. space with large windows, on the ground floor of the art centre, is available for use. It has the basic facilities and is equipped with necessary furniture.

The Graphic Studio


Housed in the newly acquired building, adjacent to the main Art Centre, this studio is being developed for printmaking purpose.

Ramkinkar Studio

The Sculpture/Ceramic Studio

ft. space, besides the painting studio is available for sculpture and ceramics. It is equipped with basic furniture and equipments for the same.


Dipak Pathagriha

The Library

The Library is in the process of collecting and cataloguing books. The books are entirely collected through personal donations from members and well wishers. Catalogues and art journals are also being collected to enrich the library. It has a computer section for online references and archiving.

Cha Ghar

The Cafeteria

A space to refresh oneself over a cup of tea or coffee. It also acts as a dining hall or for hosting parties for the members and their guests.

Open Air Stage santiniketan

The Open Air Theatre

Performance & Screening

A beautiful open-air stage for performances, musical programs, seminars, film shows, theatres etc. The lawn facing the stage can accommodate a sizeable number of spectators.

The Guest House

A Green Retreat

The guest house is built adjacent to the art centre which has two double occupancy rooms and two dormitories (accommodating 3 persons each). All the rooms are furnished and have attached bath and air-conditioning.

In addition there are two double bedded rooms at the new building (above the Printmaking Studio).